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Relative Velocity Problems And Answers Pdf

relative velocity problems and answers pdf

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But what is this relativity concept?

Relative Velocity and Riverboat Problems

But what is this relativity concept? In short, the concept of relative motion or relative velocity is all about understanding frame of reference. A frame of reference can be thought of as the state of motion of the observer of some event.

From your perspective, you are at rest, and the train is moving. An observer on the train itself, however, sitting beside the table with the glass of water, would view the glass of water as remaining stationary from their frame of reference. This seems like a simple and obvious example, yet when you take a step back and examine the bigger picture, you quickly find that all motion is relative.

And it goes on and on. According to the laws of physics, there is no way to distinguish between an object at rest and an object moving at a constant velocity in an inertial non-accelerating reference frame. In most instances, the Earth makes a terrific frame of reference for physics problems.

However, there are times when calculating the velocity of an object relative to different reference frames can be useful. In dealing with these situations, you can state the velocity of an object with respect to its reference frame. For example, the velocity of object A with respect to reference frame C would be written as v AC. This sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Let's look at how this is applied in a few examples. Find the velocity of the man with respect to the ground. Answer: First determine what information you are given. Putting these together, you can find the velocity of the man with respect to the ground. This strategy isn't limited to one-dimensional problems. Treating velocities as vectors, you can use vector addition to solve problems in multiple dimensions. Find the velocity of Air Force One with respect to the ground.

You can find v PG by vector addition. Looking at the diagram, you can easily solve for the magnitude of the velocity of the plane with respect to the ground using the Pythagorean Theorem.

Relative Velocity

The laws of physics which apply when you are at rest on the earth also apply when you are in any reference frame which is moving at a constant velocity with respect to the earth. For example, you can toss and catch a ball in a moving bus if the motion is in a straight line at constant speed. The motion may have a different appearance as viewed from a different reference frame, but this can be explained by including the relative velocity of the reference frame in the description of the motion. One must take into account relative velocities to describe the motion of an airplane in the wind or a boat in a current. Assessing velocities involves vector addition and a useful approach to such relative velocity problems is to think of one reference frame as an "intermediate" reference frame in the form:. Put into words, the velocity of A with respect to C is equal to the velocity of A with respect to B plus the velocity of B with respect to C. Reference frame B is the intermediate reference frame.

Motion does not happen in isolation. To explore this idea further, we first need to establish some terminology. To discuss relative motion in one or more dimensions, we first introduce the concept of reference frames. When we say an object has a certain velocity, we must state it has a velocity with respect to a given reference frame. In most examples we have examined so far, this reference frame has been Earth.

relative velocity problems and answers pdf

What was the velocity of the ball relative to the truck? See answer. Problem # 3. A duck swims at a constant speed from one side of a river to the other side in a.

Segment F: Relative Velocity

On occasion objects move within a medium that is moving with respect to an observer. For example, an airplane usually encounters a wind - air that is moving with respect to an observer on the ground below. As another example, a motorboat in a river is moving amidst a river current - water that is moving with respect to an observer on dry land. In such instances as this, the magnitude of the velocity of the moving object whether it be a plane or a motorboat with respect to the observer on land will not be the same as the speedometer reading of the vehicle.

Which term refers to a network that provides secure access to the corporate offices by suppliers, customers and collaborators? What is the problem? The entire command, configure terminal, must be used.

Relative Velocity Problems On this page I put together a collection of relative velocity problems to help you understand relative velocity better. From the point of view of a passenger on the car, what is the velocity of the motorcycle? A pedestrian on the ground sees the ball hit the pavement and then bounce straight up. What was the velocity of the ball relative to the truck?

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4.5 Relative Motion in One and Two Dimensions

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Relative Velocity Problems

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Kinematics Practice Problems Answers Pdf

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    ANSWER: Case 2. The object of interest is the torpedo and is compared to a freighter, another moving object. Both the torpedo's and freighter's velocity are relative.

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    We travel onboard a boat to investigate the topic of relative velocity and to show how all motion is relative.

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    This question can be answered in the same manner as the previous questions. The resulting velocity of the plane is the vector sum of the two individual velocities.

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