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General Knowledge Questions And Answers In Urdu Pdf History

general knowledge questions and answers in urdu pdf history

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Pakistan quiz questions with answers. General Knowledge Questions and Answers in Urdu

I am comprising the cultural, economic, religious, and all the possible norms of this Islami Jamhooria Pakistan. First of all, I would like to state that our country is a God gifted land which was acquired by the Indo-Pak subcontinent on 14th August This terrestrial was assimilated after the British Rule which was totally against Islamic traditions of life. Basically, this country was sovereign for the Muslims but nowadays different religions are living independently under proper government rules and regulations. Since to date, there are thousands of changes that have occurred from political ways to basic state-level human beings.

November 9, The said book is the collection of questions answers. Multiple Choice Trivia Quizzes. General Knowledge SMS. Defense day in Pakistan is observed. Do You Know??

Gernal knowledge

Hard questions to answer provide a challenge for even the most intelligent individual. General knowledge questions and answers part 3. Quiz questions and answers in urdu. You must take your time read the questions carefully and think before attempting an answer. After you learn the answers to a trick question you begin to ask yourself how you could have missed something so easy.

General knowledge book in urdu download urdu book about general knowledge book in urdu download general knowledge aaina maloomat- e- pakistan free general knowledge book in urdu download download, aaina maloomat e pakistan pdf, aaina maloomat pakistan urdu pdf book download free, aaina maloomat e pakistan by nusrat ali asir. General knowledge in urdu" having large collection of information including islam, science. Technology, history and modern world. This general knowledge book with urdu will help you to get good marks in different tests and interviews. Download full- text pdf. Caravan general knowledge mcqs.

Jan 13, - Read Out The Latest General Knowledge About Pakistan In Urdu Language and Download The Book In PDF Format For MCQs Short Questions About Facts. In Urdu. History Of Pakistan Pakistan General Knowledge Mcqs With Answers in Urdu General Knowledge Book, Gernal Knowledge, Knowledge.

Quiz Questions And Answers In Urdu

However, the expectation is that after going through the course, you should be able to handle every type of question and get the right MindTap Cengage answers. History, 1st Edition is a personalized teaching and learning experience with relevant assignments that focus on primary sources reflecting social, economic, and political themes. What is MindTap? No more searching for highlighers and notebooks.

Gk in urdu is loaded with important questions. Very short question and answer easily remember and easily download pdf file of this islamic urdu literature. Islamic general knowledge quiz in urdu. This is an islamic quiz testing your general knowledge on islam.

Muslim Quiz Competition: Islamic General Knowledge

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Использование ТРАНСТЕКСТА Агентством национальной безопасности должно было регулироваться примерно так же, как в случае ФБР, которому для установки подслушивающих устройств необходимо судебное постановление. Программное обеспечение ТРАНСТЕКСТА по раскрытию кодов должно храниться в Федеральной резервной системе и министерстве юстиции. Это должно было гарантировать, что АНБ не сможет перехватывать частную переписку законопослушных граждан во всем мире.

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    History Of Pakistan Pakistan General Knowledge Mcqs With Answers in Urdu General Knowledge Book, Gernal Knowledge, Knowledge Pakistan Studies Notes CSS PMS PPSC NTS Tests | general knowledge questions and answers pdf.

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