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Music Marketing Press Promotion Distribution And Retail By Mike King Pdf

music marketing press promotion distribution and retail by mike king pdf

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Music Marketing: Press, Promotion, Distribution, and Retail

Sell more music! Learn the most effective marketing strategies available to musicians, leveraging the important changes and opportunities that the digital age has brought to music marketing. This multifaceted and integrated approach will help you to develop an effective worldwide marketing strategy.

Step by step, you will develop an active marketing plan and timeline tailored to your unique strengths and budget. Weiss, Frank Zappa, and many other world-class artists.

He has worked at Rykodisc and Rounder Records, and is currently at Berkleemusic, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, where he writes and teaches courses in music business.

If you want your music to see the light of day, follow this indispensable step-by-step advice, clearly put forth from the industry trenches by an unusually effective and creative marketing professional. And it works; as an artist manager, I've used these techniques to help propel my artist from relative obscurity to national prominence within one year.

I will keep applying these valuable lessons from a seasoned pro. Mike King's book should be required reading for every musician.

It gives a concise understanding of marketing your music at any level. Founded in , Berklee Online is the premier innovator and largest provider of worldwide music education, offering more than 75, students from countries the renowned curriculum of Berklee College of Music, at a fraction of the cost.

Stay Connected. Buy Online. Search the Store. You will learn to: Time your marketing campaign effectively Publicize your music effectively to traditional print outlets and emerging online opportunities Understand the current opportunities for online, satellite, and terrestrial radio play Navigate various retail and distribution options, both at brick-and-mortar and online options, such as iTunes, Rhapsody, and other services Merchandize yourself profitably Maximize your touring efforts Avoid common mistakes in music marketing Mike King has managed the marketing efforts of artists including Morphine, Bill Hicks, Chuck E.

Music Marketing

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Music Marketing: Press, Promotion, Distribution, and Retail

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Music Marketing: Press, Promotion, Distribution, and Retail By Mike King

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Take an in-depth look at the tools and emerging technologies artists can use to generate interest in their music, acquire new fans, and sell their music online. Learn the basics behind marketing and selling your music! Music Marketing provides artists, managers, and business entrepreneurs with the foundational music marketing skill set they'll need to succeed and thrive in the new music business. With the power in the music industry shifting from the major labels and other gatekeepers to the artists, the role of a manager is more important than ever.


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