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Difference Between Statically Determinate And Indeterminate Structures Pdf

difference between statically determinate and indeterminate structures pdf

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Published: 27.03.2021

Determinate and Indeterminate Structures and Their DIfferences

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In statics and structural mechanics , a structure is statically indeterminate when the static equilibrium equations - force and moment equilibrium conditions - are insufficient for determining the internal forces and reactions on that structure. Based on Newton's laws of motion , the equilibrium equations available for a two-dimensional body are: [2]. The equilibrium equations are: [2]. Since there are four unknown forces or variables V A , V B , V C and H A but only three equilibrium equations, this system of simultaneous equations does not have a unique solution. The structure is therefore classified as statically indeterminate. To solve statically indeterminate systems determine the various moment and force reactions within it , one considers the material properties and compatibility in deformations. If the support at B is removed, the reaction V B cannot occur, and the system becomes statically determinate or isostatic.

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Fundamental Structural Analysis

Structure is an assemblage of a number of components like slabs, beams, columns, walls, foundations and so on, which remains in equilibrium. It has to satisfy the fundamental criteria of strength, stiffness, economy, durability and compatibility, for its existence. Any structure is designed for the stress resultants of bending moment, shear force, deflection, torsional stresses, and axial stresses. If these moments, shears and stresses are evaluated at various critical sections, then based on these, the proportioning can be done. Evaluation of these stresses, moments and forces and plotting them for that structural component is known as analysis. Determination of dimensions for these components of these stresses and proportioning is known as design. By this analysis, the unknown reactions are found for the further determination of stresses.

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difference between statically determinate and indeterminate structures pdf

Statically Determinate and Indeterminate Structure

There are two types of structure to be design and analysis in civil engineering they are Statically determinate and indeterminate structures. Here, I shall tell you the difference between Statically determinate and indeterminate structures. The most common structure like public building residential building are statically indeterminate structures.

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Difference between Determinate and Indeterminate Structure

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Difference between Determinate and Indeterminate Structure

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    Determinate structures are analysed just by the use of basic equilibrium equations. By this analysis, the unknown reactions are found for the further determination of stresses. Redundant or indeterminate structures are not capable of being analysed by mere use of basic equilibrium equations.

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    A truss is considered statically determinate if all of its support reactions and member forces can be calculated using only the equations of static equilibrium.

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