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Mycotoxins In Food Feed And Bioweapons Pdf File

mycotoxins in food feed and bioweapons pdf file

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Mycotoxins are highly diverse secondary metabolites produced in nature by a wide variety of fungus which causes food contamination, resulting in mycotoxicosis in animals and humans. In particular, trichothecenes mycotoxin produced by genus fusarium is agriculturally more important worldwide due to the potential health hazards they pose.

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Mycotoxins in Food, Feed and Bioweapons

Mycotoxins, chemicals produced by fungi, may have developed to serve as a chemical defense system against insects, microorganisms, nematodes, grazing animals, and humans. Approximately known mycotoxins exist. This article describes the major mycotoxins that affect human health and highlights the mycotoxins with potential bioterrorist use. Mycotoxins can benefit humans by their use as antibiotics penicillins , immunosuppressants cyclosporine , and in control of postpartum hemorrhage and migraine headaches ergot alkaloids. Mycotoxins are also capable of producing illness and death in humans and animals. Table 1 lists 4 major classes of mycotoxins and their health effects.

North Korea Poses a Very Real Food Defense Threat

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For this reason we think is important to thank them. The potential spectrum of bioterrorism ranges from false alarms and use of agents by individuals or small groups against individuals or smaller subgroups of the population to state-sponsored terrorism that employs biological warfare agents BWAs and their diffusion systems that can produce mass victims. These agents can cause large-scale mortality, incapacitate a large number of people in short time or have adverse effects on human health. In a military context, incapacitating agents may be more effective as the unit will not be able to carry out its mission and the victims consume little medical and evacuation resources.

Mycotoxins: a new concern for biosecurity?

The secondary metabolites produced by fungi known as mycotoxins, are capable of causing mycotoxicosis diseases and death in human and animals. Contamination of feedstuffs as well as food commodities by fungi occurs frequently in a natural manner and is accompanied by the presence of mycotoxins.

Trichothecenes are a very large family of chemically related mycotoxins produced by various species of Fusarium , Myrothecium , Trichoderma , Trichothecium , Cephalosporium , Verticimonosporium , and Stachybotrys. Trichothecenes are a class of sesquiterpenes. The most important structural features causing the biological activities of trichothecenes are the 12,epoxy ring, the presence of hydroxyl or acetyl groups at appropriate positions on the trichothecene nucleus, and the structure and position of the side-chain. They are produced on many different grains like wheat, oats or maize by various Fusarium species such as F.

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T-2 mycotoxin: toxicological effects and decontamination strategies


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