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Multitester Parts And Function Pdf

multitester parts and function pdf

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Multimeter Parts & Functions

A multimeter or a multitester , also known as a VOM volt-ohm-milliammeter , is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several measurement functions in one unit. A typical multimeter can measure voltage , current , and resistance. Analog multimeters use a microammeter with a moving pointer to display readings. Digital multimeters have rendered analog multimeters obsolescent, because they are now lower cost, higher precision, and more physically robust. A multimeter can be a hand-held device useful for basic fault finding and field service work, or a bench instrument which can measure to a very high degree of accuracy. Multimeters are available in a wide range of features and prices.

A multimeter, also known as a multitester or VOM Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter , is an electronic measuring instrument used to measure various electrical parameters. A typical multimeter can measure voltage, current, and resistance. The best multimeters can also measure other electrical characteristics such as continuity, frequency and capacitance. They also come with built-in non-contact voltage detectors. Multimeters are classified as either digital multimeters or analog multimeters , depending on how the electrical characteristic is being read and displayed. Multimeters can either be handheld multimeters, or bench-top multimeters bench multimeters. You can get handheld and bench multimeters in both digital or analog form.

A typical multimeter may include features such as the ability to measure voltage , current and resistance. Analog instruments are usually based on a microammeter whose pointer moves over a scale calibration for all the different measurements that can be made; digital instruments usually display digits, but may display a bar of a length proportional to the quantity measured. A multimeter can be a hand-held device useful for basic fault finding and field service work or a bench instrument which can measure to a very high degree of accuracy. They can be used to troubleshoot electrical problems in a wide array of industrial and household devices such as electronic equipment , motor controls, domestic appliances , power supplies , and wiring systems. The resolution of a multimeter is often specified in " digits " of resolution.


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Analog multitesters are those that have a moving needle that stops on a number that is printed on the background behind the moving needle. Analog multimeters are cheaper than digital multimeters but not as robust or simple to use. Analog multimeters are preferred by some technicians because the movement of the needle can show you some things that are not so obvious with digital multimeters. Test Probes — Positive probe red and Negative Probe black are used to connect to the circuit or device under test. Like Like.

multitester parts and function pdf

【5】DESCRIPUTION OF FUNCTIONS This instruction manual explains how to use your multimeter. SP21 safely. Before internal parts or wire with hand.

Breadboard and Analog Multimeter Familiarization OBJECTIVES

A multimeter is a handheld device that combines different electronic testing and measurement tools.

How To Use And Read A Multimeter (Ohms, Voltage, Current)

The Dial or the Infinity knob - this is the zero collector whenever you calibrate, the beginning as 0 voltages both the AC and DC measurement. Use your flat screw driver to set this knob to calibrate the 0 voltages of your tester. The name alone as Infinity knob because 0 voltage region of the tester is the infinity region of the resistance. Zero Adjustment or the Zero Ohms collector knob- this use to calibrate the tester whenever you wanted to measure the resistance. To assure that the tester calibrated to zero Ohms, just follow this procedure. Take the two metal tip of the test probe of the VOM connected. Then look at the meter scale of the tester, notice the needle or the pointer if it takes to the zero ohms situated right of the meter scale.

It indicates the measured values on the multimeter. Parts and functions of multi-tester Digital multimeter Analog multimeter 1. Zero ohm adjuster - for analog multi -testers this part sets the indicator of the left scale to zero 2.

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Analog Multitester & Digital Multitester

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