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List Of Major Dams And Rivers In India Pdf

list of major dams and rivers in india pdf

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India, land of rivers has a huge potential for construction of massive dams, owing to the geographical features.

This page shows the state-wise list of dams and reservoirs in India. Gujarat has over dams with reservoirs that are large enough to be of particular concern in disaster preparedness planning. There are 44 rivers in Kerala, and 42 dams and reservoirs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

List of Important Rivers and Dams in India | All Indian Rivers Names PDF

Balkaran Jan 3, Chinnoy Bora Jan 22, Abraham Lincoln Jan 30, Anzum Ara Khatoon Feb 20, Vignesh Krish Apr 13, Vagula Kannan Dec 31, Saloni Choudhary May 2, Manya Sinha Jun 4, Prashant Patil Jul 12, Monu Rathod Jul 24, Bank Exams. All you know about Important dams in India. Md Mansur Alam Read in Hindi. Share via. Static GK: Important dams in India Dam The dam is a barrier constructed to store water, the resulting reservoir being used in the generation of electricity and Irrigation etc.

Dams are classified according to structure, intended purpose etc. Prep Smart, Score better, Go Gradeup! Share this article. Posted by: Md Mansur Alam. Member since Aug Thank u sir. Chinnoy Bora Jan 22, Report. Abraham Lincoln Jan 30, Report. Anzum Ara Khatoon Feb 20, Report. Awesome notes. Vignesh Krish Apr 13, Report. Thank you.

Vagula Kannan Dec 31, Report. Nice thank you. Saloni Choudhary May 2, Report. Manya Sinha Jun 4, Report. Most of the names are wrong. Prashant Patil Jul 12, Report. Three Gorges Dam is the longest dam in the world. Monu Rathod Jul 24, Report. Please add dams in UP, you have only mentioned one dam.

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In every competitive exam static, GK is one of the best scoring parts. We can find 1 or 2 questions from the list of dams in India. Other sections like Aptitude, Reasoning, and English will be tough for answering the questions. But in the General Knowledge section especially in Static GK topic, we can easily be answering for the question. So prepare well in this topic and score high marks from this section.

Important question on dams are repeatedly asked in General Knowledge sections of the competitive examinations. Know Some Basics of Dams. A dam is a barrier to store, retain or controls the river water, lake, estuary or underground flow for various purposes such as domestic, industrial and irrigation etc. Rigid Dams are further classified as. Advantages of Dams.

List of Major Dams in India – Download PDF

Flowing water has always been a treat to watch, but not many people know that flowing water has the ability to light up our homes. In fact, dams that are built on large rivers are the prime source of hydroelectricity. Dams hold the river water and channelize it through pipes or outlets that rotate large turbines for the generation of electricity. In addition to supplying hydroelectricity, dams also act as reservoirs of water, which can be used for irrigation and other domestic uses. Origin of Dams in India?

Dams In India

Balkaran Jan 3, Chinnoy Bora Jan 22, Abraham Lincoln Jan 30,

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