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Cloud Computing And Artificial Intelligence Pdf

cloud computing and artificial intelligence pdf

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AI and Cloud Computing, Volume 120

Make Submissions Propose a Special Issue. Download PDF. Resource allocation in auctions is a challenging problem for cloud computing. However, the resource allocation problem is NP-hard and cannot be solved in polynomial time. The existing studies mainly use approximate algorithms such as PTAS or heuristic algorithms to determine a feasible solution; however, these algorithms have the disadvantages of low computational efficiency or low allocate accuracy. In this paper, we use the classification of machine learning to model and analyze the multi-dimensional cloud resource allocation problem and propose two resource allocation prediction algorithms based on linear and logistic regressions. By learning a small-scale training set, the prediction model can guarantee that the social welfare, allocation accuracy, and resource utilization in the feasible solution are very close to those of the optimal allocation solution.

mini project on cloud computing pdf

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PDF | Cloud providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM have incorporating of Artificial Intelligence capabilities in cloud computing. They.

On some artificial intelligence methods and technologies for cloud-computing protection

Machine Learning and Cloud Computing: Survey of Distributed and SaaS Solutions

The economical, scalable, expedient, ubiquitous, and on- demand access to shared resources are some of the characteristics of the cloud that have. Optimum hedging tool of portfolio management using artificial intelligence and cloud computing in Indian stock market free download Streamlining of supporting devices is one of the worry territories among financial computing specialists.

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

Download Close. The vast quantity of data generated by global monitoring initiatives and large-scale research facilities present both new opportunities and challenges for scientists. Results that can be captured in minutes may take years to fully understand. To help researchers review and analyze this growing volume of information, cloud-based platforms are now being developed to combine distributed access with shared high-power computing resources.

Jonathan Wu 6. His research for the past 30 years has been directed toward the design and analysis of general as well as special purpose computer architectures. He has published over technical papers in areas including multidatabases, global information sharing and processing, application of mobile agent technology, object oriented databases, mobile and pervasive computing environment, sensor and ad-hoc networks, computer architecture and cache memory, parallel and distributed processing, dataflow architectures, and VLSI algorithms. He is also the guest Editor of advances in computers for Parallel, Distributed, and Pervasive Computing. Sheng Wu holds Ph. Since to present, Dr.

Implanting artificial intelligence into codes that will run in the cloud to improve efficiency is one of the strong research lines. It's part of a drive to create applications.

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Artificial intelligence has fascinated mankind for centuries. The concept dates back to Greek myths of golden automatons crafted to assist the gods, medieval pursuits to alchemically force life into unliving matter, and countless novels of the 19th century and beyond. It can be difficult for us to wrap our minds around the reality of AI. The historically fictional nature of AI coaxes us into a natural tendency to see it as an abstract topic—a dream of the future. The process involves complex mathematics and programming.

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