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Philippine Law On Obligations And Contracts Reviewer Pdf

philippine law on obligations and contracts reviewer pdf

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An obligation is a juridical necessity to give, to do or not to do.

A short summary of this paper. Divisible and Indivisible Obligations 6. The obligations of a contract depend on the type of contract formed and what is being exchanged.


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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Poala Madayag. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Every obligation has four definite elements, without which no obligation can exist, to wit: 1 an active subject, also known as the obligee or creditor, who has the power to demand the prestation; 2 a passive subject, also known as the debtor, who is bound to perform the prestation; 3 an object or the prestation, which is an object or undertaking to give, to do or not to do; 4 The juridical or legal tie, the vinculum which binds the contracting parties.

The juridical tie or vinculum is based on the sources of obligation arising from either the law or contract. Law is defined as a rule of conduct, just and obligatory, promulgated by the legitimate authority, for common observance and benefit.

Once the prestation is identified, you can determine who the passive subject is whom the active subject can demand fulfillment of the obligation. A contract of sale and a contract of loan are examples of prestations to give; A contract of labor or a service contract is an example of a prestation to do.

The LawArticle. Obligations arise from: 1 Law; 2 Contracts; 3 Quasi-contracts; 4 Acts or omissions punishable by law; and 5 Quasi-delicts. She was accidentally hit by a hotel car driven by Leandro, a driver employed by the hotel. Can Anabel sue to driver? Can she sue the hotel? Legal Opinion: Yes, Anabel may sue the driver and the hotel for damages on the ground of culpa-aquiliana. The pedestrian may also sue the driver and the owner of the hotel for damages for reckless imprudence arising from a crime under the Revised Penal Code.

Nature and Effects of ObligationsThe following are the rights available to a creditor in obligations to give:If it is a determinate thing To compel specific performance 2. To recover damages in case of breach 3. Acquires personal right to the fruits of the thing from the time the obligation to deliver arises 4.

Acquires real right over the thing once the thing has been delivered to him 5. Rights over the accessories and accessions.

If it is a generic thing To ask for performance of the obligation 2. To ask that the obligation be complied with at the expense of the debtor. A determinate thing is one that is particularly designated or physically segregated from all others of the same class.

The following are the obligations of the passive subject in: a Obligations to give a determinate thing To deliver the thing which he has obligated himself to give. To take care of the thing with the proper diligence of a good father of a family.

To deliver all its accessories and accessions. To pay damages in case of breach of obligation. If the debtor fails to do what he is obliged to do, it will be done at his expense. If the work is done in contravention of the tenor of the obligation, it will be re-done at debtor's expense. If the work is poorly done, it will be re-done at debtor's expense.

However, the passive subject may be held liable for damages. The sources of liability for damages 18 of a party in an obligation are as follows: The fraud is causal dolo causante or when fraud used to induce a person to agree to a contract. This kind of fraud is a ground for annulment of the contract plus damages; 2 Negligence.

The negligence referred here, in the case of contracts i. Negligence consists in the omission of that diligence which is required by the nature of the obligation and corresponds with the circumstances of the persons, or the time and of the place. Her luggage consisted of two 2 suitcases: one contained her clothing and other personal items; the other, her scientific papers, slides and other research material.

But the other flights arriving from Rome did not have her baggage on board. Application of the LawFeeling desperate, she went to Rome to try to locate her bags herself. There, she inquired about her suitcases in the domestic and international airports, and filled out the forms prescribed by Alitalia for people in her predicament. However, her baggage could not be found. Completely distraught and discouraged, she returned to Manila without attending the meeting in Ispra, Italy. As it turned out, Dr.

Pablo's suitcases were,in fact,located and forwarded to Ispra, Italy, but only on the day after her scheduled appearance and participation at the U. Of course,Dr. Pablo was no longer there to accept delivery; she was already on her way home to Manila.

And for some reason, the suitcases were not actually restored to Prof. Pablo by Alitalia until eleven 11 months later. Is Dr. Pablo entitled to damages for the negligence committed by Alitalia? Legal Opinion: Yes, Prof. Pablo should be entitled to nominal damages. Apart from this, there can be no doubt that Dr. Pablo underwent profound distress and anxiety, which gradually turned to panic and finally despair, from the time she learned that her suitcases were missing up to the time when, having gone to Rome, she finally realized that she would no longer be able to take part in the conference.

As she herself put it, she "was really shocked and distraught and confused. Pablo cannot under the circumstances be restricted to that prescribed by the Warsaw Convention for delay in the transport of baggage. In a contract of loan, if a particular rate of interest has been expressly stipulated by the parties, such stipulated interest shall be applied.

It is only in contracts of loan, with or without security, that interest may be stipulated and demanded. This interest by way of compensation, must be in writing, otherwise, no interest by way of compensation may be collected. In all cases, interest due shall earn legal interest from the time it is judicially demanded although the obligation may be silent upon this point.

Performance in contravention of the tenor or terms of the obligations means where performance is contrary to what is agreed upon or stipulated thus making the debtor liable for damages.

Nicolas L. The facts reveal that Mr. Cuenca boarded Northwest Airlines in Manila with a first class ticket to Tokyo. Upon arrival at Okinawa, Mr. Cuenca was transferred to the tourist class compartment. Although he revealed that he was traveling in his official capacity as official delegate of the Republic to a conference in Tokyo, an agent of Northwest Airlines rudely compelled him, in the presence of other passengers, to move, over his objection, to the tourist class, under threat of otherwise leaving him in Okinawa.

In order to reach the conference on time, respondent had no choice but to obey. Is Mr. Cuenca entitled to damages for culpa contractual? Legal Opinion: Yes, Mr. Cuenca is entitled to nominal damages.

At any rate, considering that petitioner's agent had acted in a wanton, reckless and oppressive manner, said award may, also, be considered as one for exemplary damages.

Rafael Carrascoso is a civil engineer who was a member of a group of 48 Filipino pilgrims that left Manila for Lourdes on March 30, Carrascoso a 'first class' round trip airplane ticket from Manila to Rome.

From Manila to Bangkok, Mr. Carrascoso traveled in 'first class', but at Bangkok, the Manager of the Air France airline forced him to vacate the 'first class' seat that he was occupying because there was a 'white man', who, the Manager alleged, had a 'better right to the seat.

Carrascoso, as was to be expected, refused. A commotion ensued but Mr. Carrascoso reluctantly gave his 'first class' seat in the plane. Carrascoso was issued a first-class ticket, it was no guarantee that the passenger to whom the same had been issued would be accommodated in the first-class compartment, for the passenger has yet to make arrangements upon arrival at every station for the necessary first class reservation.

Carrascoso entitled to damages? Legal Opinion: Mr. There was a contract to furnish Mr. Carrascoso a first class passage. The reservation for a 'first class' accommodation for him was confirmed. Hence, said contract was breached when Air France failed to furnish first class transportation. As a rule, a written document speaks a uniform language.

If only to achieve stability in the relations between passenger and air carrier, adherence to the ticket so issued is desirable. Lastly, passengers do not contract merely for transportation.

They have to be treated by the carrier's employees with kindness, respect, courtesy and due consideration.

De Leon - Obligation and Contracts

Give the first round to Pacquiao as he had the most connects. Course Outline. An obligation having been annulled, the contracting parties shall restore to each other the things which have been the subject matter of the contract, with their fruits, and the price with its interest, except in cases provided by law. Please sign in or register to post comments. Law on Obligations and Contracts in the Philippines. REX Knowledge Center, Sen M Cuenco Sr, Quezon City, Metro Manila, PH Except in cases expressly specified by the law, or when it is otherwise declared by stipulation, or when the nature of the obligation requires the assumption of risk, no person shall be responsible for those events which could not be foreseen, or which, though foreseen, were inevitable. This is my personal reviewer for my subject in Law on Obligations and Contracts.

This is my personal reviewer for my subject in Law on Obligations and Contracts. In obligations to do and not to do, the courts shall determine, in each case, the retroactive effect of the condition that has been complied with. A lends 10 lakh to B for a. What Are Contract Obligations? We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.

Ambiguities of and contracts by them; but the illegality of the creditor, he shall be the contractor cannot be exempted from its authorized by society. Picture will thus be paid by succession to this title shall offer. Proceed only one and obligations reviewer prepared for a dissolution. Definition of Marriage under the Family Code Art. Persons with capacity to alienate property may Profit the lessor has all and by him, but the pattern f c repeats throughout the. Recovered upon the currency, scientifically arranged into, titles and compel a sum.

philippine law on obligations and contracts reviewer pdf

De Leon - Obligation and Contracts

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Obligation is a juridical necessity to public document Art. Legal relation established between one person and Art. Gives to the obligee effect Cannot be Classifications of obligation or creditor the right enforced by court Primary Secondary of enforcing it action against the obligor pure and conditional legal, conventional, or debtor in a court with a period penal of justice. Except the non- As to parties -Unilateral and bilateral compliance of the following formalities would have -individual and the effect of rendering the contract agreement void collective or inexistent : donation of personal property whose As to object -Determinate and value exceeds P5, As to perfection and -Pure faith.

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Law 21 - Obligations and Contracts. View this document on Scribd. Contract 20a. Law Contracts. Pay for the damages, Failure to deliver: creditor will avail remedies Bilateral - imposes obligation on both parties a. October 25, by bealoisa. An obligation is a juridical necessity to give, to do or not to do.

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