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The beginnings of Keynesian economics were grounded in the need to grasp fundamental relationships in economic reality, but did not explicitly recognize the crucial roles of the underlying long-term structures and their dynamics. This means there was not an explicit discussion of the nature of the relatively persistent constraints circumscribing the course of economic events over time, nor was there any attempt at investigating the pattern of change of those very constraints as we move from shorter to longer time horizons. The conceptual difficulty of the early Cambridge Keynesians with structural dynamics continued even after R.

Martha G. Universitaria, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico. Economic systems have evolved through time thereby changing the structure that characterizes them. These changes respond to technological changes that transform economies into highly interconnected systems. The modifications in the norms that guide the behaviour of organizations and, therefore the functioning of the economy, are a first case of this transformation.

Structural change and models of structural analysis: theories, principles and methods

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Generalising the political economy of structural change: A Structural Political Economy approach

Structural change indicates essentially a qualitative transformation and evolution of the economic systems, usually marked by technological progress and organizational changes. Technological factors, knowledge, institutions are all elements that contribute to the process of structural change. Schumpeter , has certainly been one of the most influential economists who analyzed and explained the process of development and at the same time took into consideration the mechanisms of transformation of the production system. This contribution focuses on the models of structural analysis, particularly on the methods and principles that such models adopt; in this context, structural change becomes the underlying dominant theme of the present work. The investigation of the models of structural analysis and of theories of structural changes carried out in this contribution has a double meaning. On the one hand, it allows to pick up several essential principles that characterize these models, on the other hand, it should allow us to examine some important methodological issues, such as different methods of decomposition of the productive systems, the problem of complexity and the strategies to reduce complexity.

Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. Help expand a public dataset of research that support the SDGs. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics publishes articles about theoretical and applied, historical and methodological aspects of structural change in economic systems. The journal publishes work analyzing dynamics and structural change in economic, technological, institutional and behavioral patterns The journal publishes work analyzing dynamics and structural change in economic, technological, institutional and behavioral patterns. Articles might examine the effects of the incorporation of new technologies and infrastructures, aspects of international economic integration and development, the changing configuration of employment and income distribution, interdependence between environmental and economic change, instability and crisis. An important aim is to facilitate communication among researchers who are actively engaged in the study of the various aspects of structural change and the dynamics of economic systems from an analytical or policy point of view.

The paper builds on the classical understanding of the interplay between material processes and political conflicts, but generalises it in several key respects. Moreover, interdependencies in the economy impose the need to keep conflicts within boundaries that are compatible with the viability of the system. Because sectors and groups can be aggregated in different ways, dynamics also depends on how actors represent the system and their position therein, and hence what they understand their interest to be. Different representations give rise to different definitions of competing interests and viability requirements, which in turn generate different endogenous dynamics of the political-economic system. The approach is illustrated through the examples of the Eurozone crisis and Covid crisis. However, it proposes a broader framework of analysis that makes it possible to study political aspects in a more comprehensive way. This framework has three key analytical features.

Structural Change and Economic Dynamics

Structural change

In economics, structural change is a shift or change in the basic ways a market or economy functions or operates. Such change can be caused by such factors as economic development , global shifts in capital and labor, changes in resource availability due to war or natural disaster or discovery or depletion of natural resources, or a change in political system. For example, a subsistence economy may be transformed into a manufacturing economy, or a regulated mixed economy may be liberalized. Patterns and changes in sectoral employment drive demand shifts through the income elasticity. Shifting demand for both locally sourced goods and for imported products is a fundamental part of development.

Many different approaches have addressed the issue of why were some developing countries able to reduce the income gap with developed economies while others were not. However, few approaches take into account the process of structural change. Although he had stressed it exhaustively, only recently Kaldorian models have explicitly incorporated this feature. Nevertheless, these models still face significant limitations to show how a cumulative causation process takes place in an open economy. The paper discusses the most relevant such limitations, and suggests options for future directions.

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Structural Change and Economic Dynamics in Transition Economies

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