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Silverlight Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

silverlight interview questions and answers pdf

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Whenever, you create a new object, a new name scope will automatically be created. But, there is a problem in this, when name scope is being created for the dynamic objects, sometimes it causes an exception to occur or some kind of error. Yes, you can use any specific patterns in Silverlight programming, as it provides Model-View or View-Model approach. This approach provides the provision to create loosely coupled application where the code is completely isolated from XAML. Prism which is a set of classes provided for development of such applications can also be used to provide more flexibility.

Silverlight Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Please check if all fields are filled in correctly! C is the most popular language of dotnet platform. Book has point to point answers of mostly asked questions in interviews. Technical Interview Questions and Answers. Our advanced C.


Net Framework is developed by Microsoft. It provides technologies and tool that is required to build Networked Applications as well as Distributed Web Services and Web Applications. Namespaces in. NET is nothing but a way to organize. NET Framework Class Library into a logical grouping according to their usability, functionality as well as category they belong to. Assembly is the main unit of deployment in a. NET Framework application executed as.

Canweaddnormalprojectreference normalclasslibrary totheSilverlightproject? Thetargettypeforeachstyleissettothecontrolon whichthestyleneedstobeapplied. CanvasPanel: useacanvasforsimplelayoutsandwhenthereisnoneedtoresizepanel. Controlscanoverlappedeach otherwhenresizingthepanel. WecaneitheruseVisualC orVisualBasictocodethebackendofthesilverlightapplication. Here backendmeansthecodebehindfilesfortheSivlerlightpages. WhenyoucreateanewprojectinSilverlightthroughVisualStudio,howmanyxamlfilesarecreatedand whataretheusesofthosefiles?

What is the need for WPF when we had windows forms? A — Anywhere execution. What has attached property and how is it different from dependency property? Answer: the Attached property is again dependency property in WPF. These are used to extend the functionality of the control. These are analogous to extension methods in C. They can be used to receive a notification of a change of the self since they are a type of Dependency Property but one of the differences that these properties have is that they are not defined in the same class they used, unlike DPS.

Silverlight Interview Questions and Answers (23)

Silverlight Interview Questions

This article lists the most asked WPF Interview questions and answers. What is WPF?

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WPF Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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