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Asterix and the Great Crossing (Asterix)

We celebrate the Fourth of July with a look at the time Asterix and Obelix visited our fine land, without ever knowing it. The Vikings followed hot on their heels, coincidentally, and also had no clue where they were. Supply lines for fresh fish from Paris are blocked, so Asterix and Obelix volunteer to go fishing to bring back some fresh fish. Their boat hits some rough waves, gets lost in some fog, and winds up washing ashore in the New World. How fast can they get home with some fish?

This is the story of the time Asterix and Obelix came to America and had no idea. The real humor of this book comes from the culture clashes of people speaking different languages not being able to communicate with each other. It leads them to crazy conclusions, and ridiculously funny situations. The best part of the book, for my money is near the end. Asterix and Obelix flag a ship down to come save them.

Ultimately, both sides want the same thing — to get on the boat and go home. They wave their hands and talk slowly and simply, but nothing gets through. Obelix even points this out in one panel. The reason why this book succeeds is just the way Goscinny structures the story. It works from the structure of the story. This is the biggest cheat of the book. One deep cut in the book is what Obelix, having been welcomed into the tribe, does a tribal dance and adds his own flourish:.

I worried going into this book. It was published in What we get is a relatively generic representation of Native Americans that hits just about every stereotype you could ask for and represents no single tribe. They sleep in teepees. They build totems. War paint decorates their faces and bodies. They climb through trees and hunt for local animals.

They regard people from the new world with suspicion, but eventually try to marry off one of their daughters to Obelix. The Swiss. The Vikings. Or even the Italians. In fact, they become quite friendly with Asterix and Obelix and welcome them into their tribe. Goscinny even avoids the funny speech patterns entirely. The locals never even talk in front of Asterix and Obelix. I also read somewhere that this characterization is racist because it portrays the Native Americans as a violent people.

But that writer had no problem with the Vikings later in the book planning on killing Asterix and Obelix after dinner? Nope, nothing stereotypical or violent about that …. If anything, the Native Americans in this book are one of the rare group of people smart enough to attack Asterix from afar and from behind to beat him.

They hit him over the head with a thrown weapon. Everyone else tries, at best, to go at him with a sword or shield. They stand no chance against the magic potion in close quarters. It trades in stereotypes, some harsher than others. Would that shed more light on their understanding of Native Americans in a positive or negative direction? One even complained about anachronisms in the stories. Those are features, not bugs. Yes, Native Americans were there in 50 BC.

In fact, they probably had been on the land for at least 10, years already at that point. And, yes, some ate dogs. They did use tomahawks a lot, for more than just weapons of war or hunt, though. They used their tomahawks for that purpose, too. They picked and chose their gags without worrying about balance. We see that in every book with every people. I had some issues with the art in the last volume. It looked different. It felt simpler in some ways. And some random bits break panel borders for no decent reason.

But those are both nit-picks. The groups of Native Americans that welcome Asterix and Obelix to their camp and run around with them are all shown on panel. Some silhouette shots of the background are included on purpose to draw your attention to the foreground during near-silent scenes.

All of the action takes place under heavy fog where visibility is zero. All the panels are white with word balloons popping out. I wonder if Uderzo was any inspiration for Byrne…. Asterix and Obelix attempt to explain who they are to the Native Americans through pantomime. Later, those exact panels are reprinted, sans the word balloons, for when they explain themselves to the Danes.

From the Wikipedia entry for this book:. TV Tropes points this out:. That translation also seems to move events from Denmark to Iceland, a land unsettled by any people at that time. We never worry about anachronisms in Asterix. The Vikings from Denmark get all the best names in this book. Two stand out. First is Herendethelessen , who leads the ships into the foggy waters and winds up in the New World.

He wins this book for me. But the book is better drawn than the last one. The gags are as good as ever, and I like the way Goscinny and Uderzo incorporated everything from the 50 stars in the flag to the Statue of Liberty.

This really is mostly a book about a clash of three cultures and the language barriers that separate them. Heck, they only spend about half of the book in America, anyway. Thanks for your support. Both those stories and this album are of course seen differently in , the outrage machine out there in full force, on the prowl for objectionable material to be offended about.

IIRC, it was very short and only had about one scene. Heh, yes, the speed at which they traveled from France to Manhattan was a bit crazy. That said, it might make for a fun post to analyze the science behind such a trip and how fast it could be done. No, wait, let me correct that: I think part of it was translated once decades ago and it never went anywhere. I read that somewhere, probably Wikipedia. I doubt any publisher would want to tackle the sensitivities issues there….

In a case of life imitating art, I did once ask my local fish shop in a seaside town in southern England whether their catch was local, and they told me it all came from Scotland! Turns out, the larger shrimp travel better than the smaller ones, so they save those for the places where they have to travel the furthest.

Makes sense. Especially when there is another scene in The Roman Agent which clearly shows Unhygenix hauling a net of freshly caught fish through the village. By the way, why is the fishmonger the only Gaul who never wears shoes? I had a nice long review written in notes — and I took extra care to use the right accents and characters on the Viking names.

Then three folders of notes disappeared and I had to restore my iPad to the previous backup to get them back. At the end of it all, the review was gone. This one is clearly one of the weakest books in the series so far. I also did feel a bit for Herendethelessen. For pun names, this book is great. I have to give it to Herendethelessen though.

I definitely have find memories of Asterix and Son and to a lesser extent Asterix and the Great Divide. It gets pretty thin after that though. Its clearly not that great and has some major problems but I still really like it.

Is it up there with the rest of the Golden Age… well no, but its miles ahead of the dip when it starts. Basically the books primary problem has been addressed. I mean there should be jeopardy, there should be oodles of jeopardy.

Asterix and the Great Crossing

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PDF EPUB Lire by Rene Goscinny, Title: Asterix And The Great Crossing.

Asterix and the Great Crossing (Asterix)

Asterix and the Great Crossing

Faster previews.

Asterix and the Obelix eBook Collection

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Unhygienix has run out of fresh fish. It is just a fun way to provide one of the most beloved comic books in the world to be read … QTY: In Stock. Asterix and the great crossing. Asterix and the Great Crossing. When they finally find land, the place and the people are like nothing they've experienced before. Comicbook Tags: read Asterix comics, Asterix comics pdf, Asterix comicbooks, Asterix comic list, Asterix comics download, Asterix free comics online, best Asterix comics The administrator of this site view-comic.

Unhygienix is out of fresh fish as always , which is carted overland in ox-drawn carts from Lutetia Paris , and Getafix says that he needs some for his potion. Asterix and Obelix borrow a boat from Geriatrix and go fishing. They go to a small island. Seeing a boat coming, Asterix climbs a cairn of rocks holding a torch and a book like the Statue of Liberty to attract it. Meanwhile, the Gauls escape. This escape is conducive to their original purpose, since Catastrofix is a fisherman and hence able to procure some fish for the magic potion. Unhygenix, however, prefers the scent of his own stock; a preference that explains why his product is such a delicate and filthy topic.

We celebrate the Fourth of July with a look at the time Asterix and Obelix visited our fine land, without ever knowing it. The Vikings followed hot on their heels, coincidentally, and also had no clue where they were. Supply lines for fresh fish from Paris are blocked, so Asterix and Obelix volunteer to go fishing to bring back some fresh fish. Their boat hits some rough waves, gets lost in some fog, and winds up washing ashore in the New World. How fast can they get home with some fish?

Asterix v22: “Asterix and the Great Crossing”

Unhygienix has run out of fresh fish. Since his stock has to be transported from Lutetia modern-day Paris , it will be some time before the next delivery of fish. However Getafix says he can't wait since he needs some for his potion. Asterix and Obelix volunteer to resolve the issue by going fishing, to which end they borrow a boat from Geriatrix. After a storm, they get lost, but despite Obelix's concerns, they do not reach the edge of the world ; instead, following a brief encounter with the pirates, they arrive on an island which the reader surmises is Manhattan Island with delicious birds that the Gauls call "gobblers" turkeys , bears and " Romans " with strange facial paintings Native Americans.

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