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Chitin Structure And Function Pdf

chitin structure and function pdf

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E-mail: ngeza kth. Chitin nanofibrils ChNF are interesting high-value constituents for nanomaterials due to the enormous amount of waste from the seafood industry. So far, the reported ChNFs are substantially modified and chemically degraded shortened during extraction from the organisms. A mild treatment was developed to preserve the molar mass, aspect ratio, degree of acetylation and crystallite structure. The powder X-ray diffraction analysis showed the preserved crystallite structure after protein removal.

Structure of Chitin and Chitosan

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Merzendorfer and L. Merzendorfer , L. It is mainly produced by fungi, arthropods and nematodes. In insects, it functions as scaffold material, supporting the cuticles of the epidermis and trachea as well as the peritrophic matrices lining the gut epithelium.

Chitin, Chitosan and Glucan, Properties and Applications

Chitin, in which the repeating unit is the same as that in cellulose except that the hydroxyl group at C-2 is replaced by an acetamido group Fig. Polysaccharides which contain amino sugars or their derivatives are called mucopolysaccharides. Chitinase may also be involved in fungal wall synthesis see Chapter 6. Several chitinases, which are glycoside hydrolase family enzymes, are produced by fungi and can have different substrate-binding site structures and are obviously specialised for different functions Zhou et al. Derivatives of chitin and chitosan have found many commercial uses from medicine to cosmetics and dietary supplements, so fungal chitinases have biotechnological applications, also Seidl, ; Hartl et al. Robson and Anthony P.

chitin structure and function pdf

24.1B: Fungi Cell Structure and Function

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This polysaccharide is a primary component of cell walls in fungi , the exoskeletons of arthropods , such as crustaceans and insects , the radulae of molluscs , cephalopod beaks , and the scales of fish and skin of lissamphibians. It is functionally comparable to the protein keratin. Chitin has proved useful for several medicinal, industrial and biotechnological purposes. A similar word, " chiton ", refers to a marine animal with a protective shell. The structure of chitin was determined by Albert Hofmann in

Fungi are unicellular or multicellular thick-cell-walled heterotroph decomposers that eat decaying matter and make tangles of filaments. Fungi are eukaryotes and have a complex cellular organization. As eukaryotes, fungal cells contain a membrane-bound nucleus where the DNA is wrapped around histone proteins.

They are long chain polymeric carbohydrates composed of monosaccharide units bound together by glycosidic linkages. This carbohydrate can react with water hydrolysis using amylase enzymes as catalyst, which produces constituent sugars monosaccharides , or oligosaccharides. They range in structure from linear to highly branched.

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Chitin metabolism in insects: structure, function and regulation of chitin synthases and chitinases


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