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Difference Between Cache Memory And Virtual Memory Pdf

difference between cache memory and virtual memory pdf

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Computer memory is a physical memory which consists of temporary data and permanent data. To elaborate on the difference between Cache memory and Virtual memory, we are going to focus on both types of memory individually for better understanding. Cache memory is a storage unit of memory that is implemented on the processor.

The main difference between cache memory and virtual memory is that cache memory is a storage unit that stores copies of data from frequently used main memory locations so that the CPU can access that data faster while virtual memory is a memory management technique that allows the user to execute programs larger than the actual main memory. Memory is an important component in the computer. There are several types of memory; cache memory and virtual memory are two of them.

Difference between Cache Memory and Virtual Memory

Ask a Question. Submitted by Monika Jha , on September 19, In memory hierarchy, there is an additional level of memory which is Cache. It is high-speed storage and much faster than the main storage. It is much expensive as compared to main storage. So, a relatively small amount of cache is used. Programs and data need to be in main storage to be executed.

In computing , virtual memory , or virtual storage [b] is a memory management technique that provides an "idealized abstraction of the storage resources that are actually available on a given machine" [3] which "creates the illusion to users of a very large main memory". The computer's operating system , using a combination of hardware and software, maps memory addresses used by a program, called virtual addresses , into physical addresses in computer memory. Main storage , as seen by a process or task, appears as a contiguous address space or collection of contiguous segments. The operating system manages virtual address spaces and the assignment of real memory to virtual memory. Address translation hardware in the CPU, often referred to as a memory management unit MMU , automatically translates virtual addresses to physical addresses. Software within the operating system may extend these capabilities to provide a virtual address space that can exceed the capacity of real memory and thus reference more memory than is physically present in the computer.

Virtual memory

Memory is a hardware device that is used to store the information either temporary or permanently. In this article, I have discussed the differences between virtual and cache memory. A Cache memory is a high-speed memory which is used to reduce the access time for data. On the other hands, Virtual memory is not exactly a physical memory it is a technique which extends the capacity of the main memory beyond its limit. The major difference between virtual memory and the cache memory is that a virtual memory allows a user to execute programs that are larger than the main memory whereas, cache memory allows the quicker access to the data which has been recently used.

Virtual memory is a feature of an operating system that enables a computer to be able to compensate shortages of physical memory by transferring pages of data from random access memory to disk storage. This process is done temporarily and is designed to work as a combination of RAM and space on the hard disk. This means that when RAM runs low, virtual memory can move data from it to a space called a paging file. This process allows for RAM to be freed up so that a computer can complete the task. Occasionally a user might be shown a message that says the virtual memory is running low, this means that either more RAM needs to be added, or the size of the paging file needs to be increased. Memory that appears to exist as main storage although most of it is supported by data held in secondary storage, transfer between the two being made automatically as required.

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difference between cache memory and virtual memory pdf

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Virtual memory

Difference Between Virtual and Cache Memory in OS

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