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Ethics of Media pp Cite as. Keller 5. During the same week, his counterpart at the Guardian newspaper in London, Alan Rusbridger, met with UK government officials and representatives of the US government.

Leaks and the Media

Longtime reporters who cover the NSA know that any time we ask the obstinate spy agency for information, we're probably going to hit a brick wall. But who would have thought that trying to obtain information about information the agency has already given us would lead to the same wall? That's what happened when the Federation of American Scientists filed a FOIA request with the Defense Department of which the NSA is a part earlier this year seeking information about any authorized leaks of intelligence made to the media during the previous 12 months.

The response they got. Last year, Congress amended the Intelligence Authorization Act to require government officials to notify lawmakers whenever they disclose national security secrets to the media as part of an "authorized" leak. Under Section of the statute. There have been numerous authorized leaks over the years, including the controversial White House leaks about the killing of Osama bin Laden.

There have been even more unauthorized leaks, howeverby government officials and workers. It makes sense for Congress to want to know when classified information has been leaked or declassified in order to distinguish official leaks from unauthorized ones. Lawmakers on the intelligence committees look silly when they tell reporters they can't talk about something, while government officials are freely yapping about the same topic behind their backs.

They also look silly when they publicly call for a criminal investigation into a leak that turns out to have been authorized. And, of course, members of both parties in Congress want to know when the party in power in the White House might be authorizing leaks for political gain.

But once those leaks are made to the media and published, why shouldn't the public also be able to know when the information came from an authorized source or an unauthorized one? He has a theory, however, about why the NSA might not want to disclose what it has disclosed.

He says that even though the statute refers to information that the leaker expects will be made public, the NSA might not want the public to know which information was part of an authorized leak because some might have been provided off the record. In that case, "the disclosures in question were not actually published, rather they were part of a dialogue with a reporter perhaps in an effort to dissuade her or him from publication.

The very notion of an authorized disclosure of classified information is, of course, a bit of an oxymoron, Aftergood notes in a blog post about the issue. Kim Zetter is an award-winning, senior staff reporter at Wired covering cybercrime, privacy, and security. She is writing a book about Stuxnet, a digital weapon that was designed to sabotage Iran's nuclear program. Senior Writer, Wired Twitter.

NSA Mind-Bender: We Won't Tell You What Info We Already Leaked to the Media

A news leak is the unsanctioned release of confidential information to news media. It can also be the premature publication of information by a news outlet, of information that it has agreed not to release before a specified time, in violation of a news embargo. Leaks are often made by employees of an organization who happened to have access to interesting information but who are not officially authorized to disclose it to the press. They may believe that doing so is in the public interest due to the need for speedy publication, because it otherwise would not have been able to be made public, or to rally opinion to their side of an internal debate. This type of leak is common; as former White House advisor Sidney Souers advised a young scholar in , "there are no leaks in Washington, only plants. On the other hand, leaks can sometimes be made simply as self-promotion, to elevate the leaker as a person of importance. Leaks can be intentional or unintentional.

Leaks and the Media

The recent public disclosures of US National Security Agency NSA dragnet surveillance have given new urgency to an important global debate on what controls are needed to ensure that the rights of people everywhere to privacy, expression, information and association are adequately protected. It has taken leaks of classified information to inform the public of the extraordinary scope of NSA surveillance and galvanize political interest in reforms. The government is entitled to protect sensitive information, and not all leaks deserve protection. However, whistleblowers are those who reveal misconduct or unethical policies in the public interest, and their important role in keeping government honest is recognized in laws that provide at least some protection from retaliation for their disclosures.

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PRISM (surveillance program)


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