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Now where to direct this slope or where the ball should end its movement and hit on target, is what we call proper orientation according to the function or surroundings. In this way, orientating the buildings along with the micro climate is what helps to make a building sustainable enough and not a burden on the environment around. Orienting buildings is an important criteria but another aspect to keep the interiors also climate friendly is the orientation of the voids that are the fenestrations and openings on the structure.

Physiological responses during continuous work in hot dry and hot humid environments in Indians

Show all documents This paper discusses the thermal performance and the resulting energy savings by using Aerogel nano material, as a thermal insulation for buildings located in hot and dry climate. An energy simulation was carried out for a building model after applying Aerogel insulation and located in hot dry climate. The paper highlights the unique thermal properties of Aerogel which surpass those of the other conventional insulation materials used.

Aerogel can prove to be a promising thermal insulator, contributing towards making the buildings more sustainable. Keywords: Aerogel, energy savings, nano materials, polystyrene, thermal insulation.

Passive Low Energy Architecture in Hot and Dry Climate respect to their physical properties, such as thermal conductivity, resistivity and transmission, and optical reflectivity. Using materials with the poor heat conductivity and high thermal mass will reduce the heat flow through the building in hot - dry climates resulting in reducing energy cost inside the buildings.

The process of heat transfer through the building materials described as thermal conduction, and the value of heat transfer through a material is the thermal transmission. The thermal conductivity of a material is the amount of heat transfer per unit of thickness for a given temperature difference. Organic materials such as wood tend to be poor conductors.

In hot - dry climate in the past, vernacular architects made use of materials with poor thermal conductions. In traditional houses of hot - dry regions walls were made out of mud, brick clay or mud clay and plaster of straw and mud with high thickness.

Thick and heavy walls made of construction materials with the poor thermal conduction provide thermal flywheel effect resulting of cool environment in summer and warm environment in winter. Table1 shows a range of thermal conductivities of some materials. In hot arid climates, the coefficient of thermal transmittance should be about 1. Table 2 lists the thicknesses of walls composed of various construction materials needed to achieve coefficients of approximately 1. It is apparent from table 2 that thermal transmittance of a 50 cm wall made of concert is 2.

These studies illustrate conjunction of geometrical parameters such as aspect ratio and solar orientation as a proper strategy to decrease thermal stresses. They also include the change of T mrt mean radiant. The evaluation of building energy system such as envelop, HVAC and lighting system for energy savings and the effect of EEMs has shown significant opportunity for energy saving in commercial facilities situated in hot and dry climate zone of India.

The energy modeling and simulation results have shown that EEM for XPS insulation in walls has shown extreme payback period due to high capital cost of investment while EEM for VFD control on AHUs has given maximum savings in annual energy consumption accounting The results have shown minimum.

Ashare Standard only addresses the thermal comfort in a steady state. As a result people entering a space that meets this standard may not immediately find the conditions comfortable if they have experienced different environmental conditions just prior to entering the space.

The effect of prior exposure or activity may affect comfort perceptions for approximately one hour. Use of estidama rating tool to assess existing building in hot dry climate The study involves review assessment analysis and simulation assessment.

This analysis review each system by giving a general overview of the current versions for existing buildings, and is more focused on the. Parametric Study on a Solar Still Located in Aswan, Egypt of Hot and Dry Climate A shortage of water at places with a hot climate may make the application of solar energy for water desalination practical.

Solar desalination exhibits considerable economic advantages over other salt-water desalination processes because of cost-free energy, reduced operating costs and its simple structure. Solar desalination systems are suitable and more economical. The intensity and availability of the solar energy in Egypt Aswan is among the highest in the world. The use of solar energy in thermal desalination processes is one of the most promising Applications of renewable energies to seawater desalination.

Bacteria e. Coli, Cholera, Botulinus. Parasites e. Heavy Metals e. Defluoridation of water by precipitation The water of El Oued is characterized by high concentrations of fluoride, associated with severely high and excessive total mineralization. This water is the only source of drinking.

The hot and dry climate has forced people to consume a lot of water which leads to raise the daily consumption rate of fluoride, in addition the eating a lot of dates and tea leads to the spread of Fluorisis disease which is carracterized by the yellowish of tooth enamel according to the classification of the national program of school health [2], [3].

To prevent these diseases from happining or reduce them many techniques of defluoridation are used such as: membrane technologies, precipitation and adsorption. We focused our work on a comparative study between precipitation methods with different salts of calcium and identify the optimal conditions of the factors influencing the removal of fluoride from drinking water in El -Oued.

Aerated materials, which have solid conduction paths broken by air or gas gaps such as foam and glass fiber quilt are very poor conductors and they are good insulators as they have low thermal conductivities [8].

Thick and heavy walls made of construction materials with the poor thermal conduction provide cool environment in summer and warm environment in winter Thermal flywheel effect. Table 1 shows a range of thermal conductivities of some materials. Determination and mapping of climatic parameters of a country with a dry tropical climate for the energy study of the systems Then, observing that the climatic characteristics of Island vary greatly according to the altitude, and they have proposed a zoning by altitude as a result: 0 - m, - m, and m and beyond Perene, For Morocco, the method has to subdividing into homogeneous climatic zones while being based on an analysis of climate data recorded by 37 stations over 10 years.

This method has allowed to gather stations that have averages and variabilities similar to the Thus, the classes obtained must correspond to homogeneous zones. For that, two zonings are made: a zoning for winter and a zoning for the summer and then combined for a single zoning ADEREE, For Tunisia, the climatic zoning has carried out on the basis of the extreme values of certain climatic parameters.

The identification of the contours of the zones has based on the normal of certain climatic meters calculated over the period from to for each of the two seasons the cold season and the hot season. Tunisia's approach has been to determine the climate data of the available weather stations.

However, the localized corrosion initially occurred on the interface of the intermetallic particles and Al matrix due to the galvanic reaction. In the dry and hot atmosphere, these corrosion rate was considerably lower than the corrosion rate in coastal, rural and industrial environment. With prolongation of the exposure time, the corrosion rate decreased due to increasing the thickness of the oxide film.

K-means algorithm is the most popular clustering tool used in scientific and industrial applications. The name comes from representing each of k clusters by the mean or weighted average of its points, the so-called centroid. The centroid of a cluster is a point whose coordinates are the mean of the coordinates of all the points in the clusters [3].

Prediction is the most used data mining task in the field of meteorology. Data mining techniques provides with a level of confidence about the predicted solutions in terms of the consistency of prediction and in terms of the frequency of correct predictions [1].

Also it applied successfully to predict different weather elements like temperature and humidity. This is the most important part while implementing any of the data mining technique and for this purpose we are using midi data logger GL system. This system provides temperature and humidity data in form of excel shit. The next important step in data mining is data preprocessing in climate data is poor quality.

Thus data is to be pre-processed so as to remove the noisy data. For this project various data mining technique such as Outlier Analysis, Clustering Predication, Classification and Association rules are applied in statistical Data Miner software. In each oper- ation, 2, g of the presoaked corn stover 1, g of dry corn stover plus g of dilute acid solution was fed into the pretreatment reactor, and these corn stover materials roughly occupied the whole space of the reactor to meet the full solids loading condition of the reactor for reduction of steam consumption [17].

All the inlet valves were closed and the helical ribbon stirrer started to operate, then the steam valve was opened to jetting onto the presoaked corn stover. The purge valve was opened twice very briefly 2 to 3 seconds to release the residual inert air inside the reactor. When the temperature reached the required value, the condition was maintained for a few minutes. To close the pretreat- ment operation, the steam supply was switched off and the steam inside the reactor was quickly released from the outlet of the reactor.

The pretreated corn stover solids were taken out directly from the bottom of the reactor and no free water was released. Two batches of pretreatment at the same conditions were carried out, and the analysis of the pretreated corn stover was aver- aged from the two batches of pretreated corn stover.

Efficiency in Potato Growing with Irrigation in Dry Climate Agriculture and practice have defined the main trends of improving stability in production. They are: agricultural technology improvement, use of climatic cropping pattern, selection and others. But the only thing that may contribute to the dry areas of Russia with mean stability of guaranteed yield volume is improvement of cropland efficiency with some of its part being irrigated.

The basin lies within km from the coastline and is an important area, as it hosts Euro-Siberian and Mediterranean plants species. The focus of the study is maquis formation. Occupying a large place on the earth, Maquis communities are commonly distributed over the regions where the Mediterranean climate prevails. Distribution of the Mediterranean plant species in the Euro-Siberian phytogeographic region, and vice versa, is related to climate changes and plant migration in the past.

The methodology is based on a regional approach. ArcGIS Within the scope of the study, certain maps of the region such as topographical, physical, slope, aspect, soil, geological, geomorphological and forest management maps were examined as the materials of the study as well as using some meteorological data. The elements of maquis shrubland in the region were detected through field surveys and their distribution patterns were addressed.

It has important guiding significance to simulate the construction process of temperature distribution of hot dry rock on site construction. Based on numerical simulation of HDR considering heat-fluid-solid coupling, the in- fluence of temperature distribution on well cementing is analyzed when the drilling fluid cycles and reaches stable state, respectively, and when the cement slurry is in- jected during the cementing process. It is found that the seepage at the well bottom accelerates the flow velocity of wellbore; the stable temperature change is less than the cyclic temperature change; and the upper and lower temperature variation of the stratum is greater when the cement slurry is injected.

Therefore, as to cement retard- er involved, the influence of temperature variation on concretion should be consi- dered during cementing of the hot dry rock geothermal well.

Selecting Glass Window with Film for Buildings in a Hot Climate The study indicates that the total optical properties of the glass window with film; transmittance and absorptance, are the important parameters among the other parameters change in the overall heat transfer coefficient and glass thickness, etc.

In a country located in a hot climate , most of the glass window without film clear and tinted glass has values of PPD due to solar radiation effect larger than the values of PPD due to surface temperature effect. Only reflective glasses, which have values of reflectance and absorptance greater than the values of transmittance, have values of PPD due to surface temperature effect higher than the values of PPD due to solar radiation effect.

Film when applied to the glass windows will cause the transmittance of the glass window with film to decrease and cause the absorptance of the glass window with film to increase. Therefore glass windows with film have values of PPD due to the solar radiation effect decreased and values of PPD due to the surface temperature effect increased when compared to the plain glass windows. It is also found that the discomfort due to the surface temperature effect is increased significantly when film is applied to double pane glass windows.

Care has to be taken when one wants to apply film to glass windows to reduce the heat gain because it always raises discomfort due to the surface temperature effect.

The Progress of Dry—wet Climate Divisional Research in China The key to determining the division method appropriately is whether the dry —wet climate division results can reflect the local vegetation ecological status. If the dryness area contour is consistent with or close to the local natural landscape boundary, the dry and wet degree is indicated. Thus, it is not so important to divide the dry —wet degree and the named method.

For instance, Chen [16] and Zhang et al.

Hot and dry

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Studies have been conducted on six young healthy heat acclimatised Indians to determine the physiological changes in prolonged continuous work in thermally neutral and in hot dry and hot humid environments. Physiological responses in maximal efforts i. Vo 2 max, V E max and Cf max were noted. In addition, duration in continuous work at three sub-maximal rate of work in three simulated environments were also noted. Physiological responses like Vo 2 , V E and Cf were noted every 15 minutes of work. Besides these responses, rectal temperature Tre , mean skin temperature T s and mean sweat rate were also recorded during continuous work.

Show all documents This paper discusses the thermal performance and the resulting energy savings by using Aerogel nano material, as a thermal insulation for buildings located in hot and dry climate. An energy simulation was carried out for a building model after applying Aerogel insulation and located in hot dry climate. The paper highlights the unique thermal properties of Aerogel which surpass those of the other conventional insulation materials used. Aerogel can prove to be a promising thermal insulator, contributing towards making the buildings more sustainable. Keywords: Aerogel, energy savings, nano materials, polystyrene, thermal insulation.



The climate of India comprises of a wide range of weather conditions across a vast geographic scale and varied topography, making generalizations difficult. Climate in South India is generally hotter and extremely humid than that of North India.

Orientation of the Solids (Built) and Voids (Fenestration):

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Building Orientation Based on Climatology in India

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Building Orientation Based on Climatology in India

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